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Thank you for registering to the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference. We absolutely cannot wait to welcome you in less than two weeks. In the meantime, make sure you take some time to go through our jam-packed agenda. Here are some of the workshops you can't miss:
Date and time of demos: 28th and 29th May, 10.00-10.30; 13.00- 14.00, 15.00 – 15.30
Location of demos: Catalunya Meeting Room

Join Accenture at HIMSS Europe. Listen to Accenture’s Global Health Lead, Dr. Kaveh Safavi’s keynote on 29th May “ New Frontiers in Personalized Healthcare’’. Focusing on intelligent health technologies (including AI and virtual health), the keynote is based on five years of insights from Accenture’s multi-country consumer research.
Come and meet the Accenture team in our hospitality suite. We’ll be running a range of demos showcasing AI, data analytics and blockchain for improved personal health. We look forward to seeing you there.

Brought to you by: Accenture
Date and Time: May 28th, 13.00 - 14.00 
Location: Barcelona Meeting Room

At this year's HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference in Barcelona, Fujifilm will showcase best practices of Digital Health Transformation in different markets. Learn how Vimercate Hospital, in Lombardy/Italy, has overcome challenges with a unique and reliable informatics architecture that can ensure the maximum integration of all healthcare services offered through key technologies.
In addition, we will present Enterprising Imaging practices in the Spanish healthcare community. This Enterprising Imaging solution gives clinicians secured access to patient's images in a multi-site environment with IT stability and robustness, which allows clinicians to focus solely on providing the best level of care for patients.
Lastly, we will present an application-neutral and highly-scalable content management system that allows for secure storage and access of all patient imaging contents across the enterprise, and an AI development initiative, which will improve the current workflow with open-platform concept. Overcome challenges in the IT healthcare industry with Fujifilm Synapse architectures. Learn from three different success stories.

Dr. Giovanni Delgrossi, ASST Vimercate, Italy
Dr. Jordi Catala', Consorci Sanitari Integral, Spain
Kevin Shah, Fujifilm Europe

Brought to you by: Fujifilm
Date and Time: May 29th, 08.00 - 09.00
Location: Restaurant area

How content services will revolutionise healthcare
Hospitals are awash with content that is crucial to influencing clinical decisions and outcomes. However, healthcare organisations can thrive only if they improve the management of this data.
The key is effectively harnessing content and delivering it securely to the people, systems and processes that rely on it. Content services is the answer. Join Phil Colbourne, Hyland EMEA Healthcare Director, as he illustrates how content services will help hospitals achieve true digital transformation in today’s electronic world.

Speaker: Phil Colbourne, Hyland EMEA Healthcare Director, UK, Hyland Healthcare

Brought to you by: Hyalnd
Date and Time: May 28th, 15.30 - 16.30
Location: Barcelona Meeting Room

Nordic healthtech empowers the individual, patients as well as professionals. It’s a paradigm shift, providing new and better ways of giving and receiving healthcare.
The 150+ Nordic startups in HealthTech Nordic all provide empowering new digital technology, enabling the paradigm shift. Together with healthcare professionals and patients, the new solutions not only lead to better quality and accessibility, proactive solutions and cost reduction. They also improve patient experience and working conditions for professionals.
Find us at the conference and at to learn more.

Speaker: Marianne Larsson, Innovation Skane, Director of New Industries and Innovation, Sweden

Brought to you by: HealthTech Nordic
Date and Time: May 28th, 10.30 -11.30
Location: Barcelona Meeting Room

Coordinated care requires a fundamental transformation of care delivery from acute and hospital-based to early prevention, population management, community and home-based care, and the participation of citizens. This can’t be accomplished without a change in vision, accompanied by collaboration across IT suppliers, providers, payers and national standards bodies; suitable incentives; and supported by innovative technology. This highly interactive workshop will explore the required characteristics of the unified health record at the center of that innovative technology. We will draw on the experiences of several European exemplars to guide the conversation.

Speakers: David Hancock, Client Engagement Director, UK and Kathleen Aller, Director of Market Strategy, Healthcare, USA

Brought to you by: InterSystems
Date and Time: May 29th, 10.30-11.30
Location: Barcelona Meeting Room

A Digital Ecosystem for Healthcare: Creating Actionable Insights for Improved Operational and Clinical Performance
Every day, vast amounts of health data are generated, for example in the form of images, laboratory results, pathological findings or reports. At this year's HIMSS in Barcelona, Siemens Healthineers and Nick Raptis will be showcasing specific examples of how a multi-site Medical diagnosis center can use such data to deliver value based care with better outcomes at lower costs. Come and join on May 29th, 10:30-11:30 am, in room Barcelona at the Hotel Meliá Sitges.

Speaker: Nick Raptis, CIO Iatropolis Magnitiki Tomografia, Greece

Brought to you by: Siemens



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