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Digital Transformation: A traveler's guide for the journey

Every organisation has digital information and supporting systems, and often have for many years. However, many still struggle to transform their operations. It's not just about making information digitally; it's about what organisations do with that information - making decisions, driving processes and serving customers.

To be truly transformative in improving employee productivity and customer service, organisations need to transform how they think about their key enterprise information. Any digital transformation initiative will only succeed if there is a holistic approach to standardise the way that information and content is managed, used and shared across the organisation.

In this eBook, you'll learn more about the concept of digital transformation, the role that content and information plays, and how to get started on your journey. You'll hear from experts about their experiences with the evolving technology landscape and learn how you can positively impact your organisation's people and processes as you pursue your own digital transformation.

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